We are very happy to welcome you here on the home page of the cooperation project for rural Jewish communities in Lower Franconia. This project began in November 2011 and aims at conserving the cultural heritage of the Jewish communities in Lower Franconia and presenting it to the public. It is also our goal to incorporate this heritage into our present-day and future thinking and acting.

On our home page you can find information in English about our goals, sponsors and providers, participants and basic information about our projects. In addition, you can even find more information in German about our events (Veranstaltungen) or extensive information about our ongoing projects (Projekte). In German you can also find a list of helpful links (Links), our newsroom (Presse) and material (Materialien).

Curious? You are more than welcome to participate in one of our various projects. If you would like further information or would like to join our work group please contact the project management, via email at orga@landjudentum-unterfranken.de or via phone under +49 931 / 9701637.

Dr Rotraud Ries (project manager responsible for content)
Dr Joachim Först (administrative project manager)