Johanna-Stahl-Centre for Jewish history and culture in Lower Franconia

The centre is collecting records of Jewish life in Lower Franconia, conducting research and acting as a mediator. It aims to establish a constant connection between past and present. It was founded in 1987 and was initially planned as centre for documentation only. It is financed by the city of Würzburg and the government of Lower Franconia. The Johanna-Stahl-Centre is cooperating with the Jewish community.

The centre has a library, an archive and an exhibition room where a permanent exhibition is shown. Alternatingly, various special exhibitions are shown. The Johanna-Stahl-Centre focusses on consulting and mediating and uses presentations, guided tours, advanced education, talks and publications for this.

It was named in honour of Dr Johanna Stahl in 2011. She was one of the first academically-trained women in Würzburg and worked as a journalist for the renowned Frankfurter Zeitung. She was also politically active, fought for women's rights and got involved for the Jewish self-help during the Nazi regime. In June 1943 she was deported and murdered.

Work group "Rural Jewish communities in Lower Franconia"

This work group is part of the cooperation project on rural Jewish communities in Lower Franconia which began in November 2011. The work group itself was established as early as 2009. Currently, about 50 people from all over Lower Franconia are part of this work group. They are devoted citizens, local historians, cultural advisors or voluntary helpers that want to retain this part of their home region. Everybody is free to join this work group.

If you would like further information on the work group, receive an invitation for their next meeting or even participate then please contact the project management, via mail at or via phone under +49 931 / 9701637.

Local friend's associations

Arnstein Förderkreis “Alte Synagoge Arnstein” e.V.

Kitzingen am Main Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Kitzingen am Main e. V.

Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken Träger- und Förderverein Synagoge Memmelsdorf

Obernbreit Träger- und Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Obernbreit

Urspringen Förderkreis Synagoge Urspringen

Veitshöchheim Jüdisches Kulturmuseum und Synagoge Veitshöchheim

Zell am Main Freundeskreis der Zeller Laubhütte