Touring exhibition "Rural Jewish communities in Lower Franconia"

We are currently working on a touring exhibition that will provide information on the rural Jewish communities of Lower Franconia. The exhibition will cover such topics as the general Jewish history and the cultural impact it has had, the Jewish communities and their institutions, economic history as well as presenting the lives of individual Jewish citizens.

At the moment, we estimate that the exhibition will open in summer 2013. After this, it will be touring all of Lower Franconia.

The basic idea for the exhibition is to explain general phenomena of the Jewish culture in Lower Franconia by means of using an example from each of Lower Franconia's nine districts. There will be a topic for each district, for instance "Economy and poverty during the early modern period", "Religious life" or "Christian-Jewish coexistence". These nine topics will then give a chronological overview of the history of Judaism in Lower Franconia until the 20th century. Besides this general factor, we will also incorporate Jewish individuals and families. Depending on its current stay, the exhibition will also have additional, more individual elements. For instance, depending on where the exhibition is, there will be individual texts about the history of the local Jewish community and local Jewish citizens.