Documentation of Jewish cemeteries

Jewish Cemetery in Allersheim, photo: Rebekka Denz

There are about 100 intact Jewish cemeteries in all of Franconia, with roughly 50 of these being situated in Lower Franconia. These "Houses of Life" as they are called in Hebrew still hold testimony to past Jewish communities. By analysing the Hebrew and German inscriptions on the graves, it is possible to reconstruct information on the lives of the people buried there, their families and the general history of the Jewish communities.

However, these messages can only be preserved by means of high-quality photographs as the tombstones and their inscriptions are slowly withering away. Over the past decades, some cemeteries in Lower Franconia have already been photographed and archived. The cooperation project for rural Jewish communities in Lower Franconia aims to further encourage this project.

Should you be interested in participating in the photographic documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Lower Franconia, please contact the project manager, via email at or via phone under +49 931 / 9701637.

Jewish Cemetery in Höchberg, photo: Rebekka Denz
Jewish Cemetery in Kleinsteinach, photo: Rebekka Denz
Jüdischer Friedhof Burgpreppach, Foto: Rebekka Denz
Jewish Cemetery in Ermershausen, photo: Rebekka Denz